VW Fox

The VW Fox is a delightful fun city car that delivers great driving performance and although it may look small, it has enough space to seat 4 people in comfort.

Volkswagen have developed a fun car that is great value for money with a starting price of just £6,405 and delivers an economical 54.3 miles to the gallon.
VW Fox Key Specifications:
Prices Range:
6,405 - 7,225
Fuel Consumption (mpg):
* 54.3
Emissions CO2 (g/km):
* 144
NCAP Safety Rating:
4 out of 5
* May vary with model/engine type.
VW Fox
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Posted by:
Salter B


A Little Gem!
The Fox is a little gem, drives like no other small car I ever experienced. You can really throw this car around, it sticks to the road like glue! First saw it on Top gear when those crazy cats used them to play car football with.
Amittedly it is a bit basic inside but its so much fun for such a cheap car! I give it a BIG thumbs up!
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vw fox
I love small cars. I had a lupo and it was tiny inside so i saw the vw fox on the road and i stop and stared and i decided to get myself one. i recently got one and i must say...it is big enough for 5people and looks small on the outside. THATS MY KIND OF CAR, JUST PERFECT
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I love my Fox!
I am so pleased with my VW Fox. It handles well and is lovely to look at and economical to run. It operates easily and I feel very safe whilst driving around. If you want a small car then this is the one to buy!
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VW Urban Fox 1.4 water leaks
Since buying my Fox last year I have had several water leaks. First to appear were the back side window seals. These were easily repaired. However, have had water leaks inside car..rear passenger foot well and driver footwell. Over two weeks in garage to correct and a few weeks later is leaking again. Would never buy a Fox again. Poor road handling...does not hold road well. Think this might because it is higher than other small cars such as polo.
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Correction of ladybe's statement
Well, I actually drive a Fox for 2years now. Overall I am satisfied with the car but still miss the 5th seat insteadt of the plastic coffee cups thingy (so far never used) in the back bench middle area where easily another seat could have been. Although the 1.2 engine is quite strong (and noisy) why have they developed another 3cylinder for this car insteadt of a quieter and economy friendy 4 cylinder? Finally the price is ok but remember 25years ago you could get a brand new Golf 2 for less.
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I've had my Urban Fox for 6 months now, and on the whole, i love it. There are a few things that could be better : -

The cofee cup thing in the middle of the two rear seats??? Whats that about?! Totally useless as far as i'm concerned, and would have much prefered a 5th seat.

Also, the plastic on the inside of the doors and dash scratches really easily, although my car is only 6 months old, its quite marked already.

The equipment is a bit basic considering the 'Urban' is the more expensive model, it's just little things i miss like an external temepature display and Air Con is extra agian etc, but not a big deal.

My electric windows have just broken, unfortunately stuck in the down position in december - very chilly!

But like i said, in general, great little car and good for the price.

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I have had my urban fox for over a year and I love it the only problem is windscreen wipers and now the electrics have gone mad apart from that hes great handles the bad weather great too.
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vw aurban fox
so far so good this is my second fox as i just upgraded to the 08 plate. will advice any one who wants a small car for a reseanable price to get this fox. Its really worth the price xxx
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electric problems
we bought the car brand new in 2006, since then we have had a new window electric motor which stopped working two days after buying it. Next the speed ometer stopped working. Then the windscreen wipers stoped working and then to top it all the indicator packed up. All this within less than three years.
Posted by:
Mark Sheldrick


Fox 1.2 August 2009 - Bent cooling fan
My step daughter has a new fox that has a problem at 95 miles from new. We went into London to drop her Grandmother off at Marylebone Station when the car overheating symbol began to flash. We stopped & checked the car but fluid levels were ok. Set off & all seemed ok. Symbol began to flash again a few minutes from the station. We stopped at the Station & checked levels all seemed ok but the engine was obviously very hot.
I called VW assist who were very helpful & got the RAC out us in about an hour. The RAC engineer check various items & found that the thermostatic fans fuse had blown. He replaced the fuse & then took a look at the fan. He found the fan unit was bent out of line & that the fan motor has seized & caused the fuse to blow.
He then advised us that to drive the vehicle was out of the queston & that it needed to be taken to the dealer from which it was purchased so it could be repaired. This was Beadles of Bromley who have now repaired the car.
It was obvious to me that the car was not properly checked before it left the factory. This should be one of the fundamental factory checks as it could blow the engine unchecked. The dealer commented that this was something that may not have been check as you would need to wait until the engine warms before the fan would cut in. This comment does not inspire confidence in Beadles or the VW training in general.
Are the cars properly checked before they leave the factory or not. Was this a Friday afternoon car & the workers were in a rush to get home? Who knows.
I have contacted VW & 4 days later I am waiting for someone to get back to me after them saying that a person would get back to me in 2 days. I can only assume that they have more problems to deal with than they can cope with.
I have really not had the chance to tell them that were are not having the car back until we have proof & assurance from a senior person at VW that the car was factory checked & I have seen the relevent paperwork to back this up.
I will also be expecting Beadles to deliver the car back to us rather than expecting us to pick it up.
Over to you VW.
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A Foxy Buy!
I bought the VW Fox from Crowsons Spalding in December 2009. Les Spicer the salesman was fantastic, a credit to the business.

I have clocked up 2,000 miles - now the car is a absolute dream. Its very fuel efficent - delivering 48 mpg on average run. A pleasure to drive - only draw back is the optional extras - VW could have included more in the car! Otherwise I cannot fault it - I would buy another!
Posted by:
Foxy Bloke


Four footed Fox
I have had my Fox for two months and so far I have enjoyed driving a car that not only keeps up with the motorway traffic at legal speeds but is easy to drive, sure footed and cheap to run. I have driven to Hampshire from Kent and back in a day, enjoyed a visit to a museum there and felt tired only because it was a long day. The difference between my old car, an ancient Fiesta, is enormous. If the Fox does all that it does now in three years time I will be persuaded to exchange it for another. The 1.2 engine needs the help of the gearbox when loaded with three fat blokes but then there are motorcycles with larger engines. I am happy with my choice and enjoy driving the car. It is basic and that is what I want.
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It's rubbish! Don't buy one
In the three years I have owned my Fox it's needed two VW badges, a new clutch and take up bearing (21,000 miles), a new radio, a new ABS pump, a new exhaust heat shield, a new rear hatch lock. On top of that the electric windows stopped working, the clutch is very noisey and the front suspension broke! Needless to say I will not be buying another one or any VW!
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don't waste your money
Had £1200 work done under warranty, poor fuel consumption and wobble when waiting at lights. problem re occurred. dealer saying nothing wrong,although mechanic admitted could see and feel inbalance. costing fortune to run.
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vw fox
Purchased an almost new Fox in January this year and it has been back to the dealers 7 times so far. Twice broken down with ecu failure and on third dealer visit they fitted a new throttle control unit. If you are experiencing uneven throttle response and poor mpg this may be the cause. I have heard personally of two other failures of these. Also various rattles sorted and 3 failures of door lock and catch. All of which is a pity as car is good to drive, very spacious and clever use of space.