VW Passat

The Passat from Volkswagen is an elegant business saloon at the top of its class delivering performance and style for the perfect drive.

Road handling is strong providing a firm comfortable ride in a generous safe surroundings. The Passat excels in road safety scoring 5 stars with EuroNCAP, making it a very attractive buy for the family/business man.

The Passat engines range is huge from a 1.4 petrol, to a 2.0 diesel to an impressive 3.6 V6 Petrol, so what engine your power demands are there is an engine to match.
VW Passat Key Specifications:
Prices Range:
15,860 - 31,015
Petrol & Diesel
Fuel Consumption (mpg):
* 55.4
Emissions CO2 (g/km):
* 136
NCAP Safety Rating:
5 out of 5
* May vary with model/engine type.
VW Passat
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Stuart Reed


A good business drive
The VW Passet is a smooth, controlled drive in excutive comfort with a lot of extras. I have leased 2 VW Passets for my sales manager and myself and believe them to be the ideal company car. Both have diesel engines and the fuel comsuption is brillant which saves big money when you drive upto a thousand miles a week. Would highly recommend them to any business man or woman wanting a reliable, efficiant company car.
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1.9 Passat
Well, I have had my VW Passat now for about 18 months and what can I say?.
I have never been let down by it, and when I put my foot down there is always some power there for me. The boot is big enough for four suitcases for when me and the family going on holiday and the consumption for both round town and motorway is excellent. Comfortable seats and easy to understand gadgets on the car make the modern Passat a pleasure to drive. I would highly recommend this car to anyone for either a company car or a good all round family car. I fail to see how anyone could be disappointed!!